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Railorz RPG Script is a powerful and easy to use game engine that allows you to create role-playing games for Facebook. The script is very flexible, feature-rich, and has built-in tools for game monetization and promotion.

October 24, 2012 – New Release!

Version 3.0.0 is available! Major platform updates, standalone, clans, etc. See release notes for details. You can test the new version in our demo application.

Script Demo

You can test both user and admin features of the script right now for free! Please visit our demo application »

Script Features

  • Missions – you can build a comprehensive story line for your game
  • Monster Fights – allow players to attack powerful monsters together with their friends
  • Player vs. Player Fighting – users can attack each other and respond to attacks
  • Shop & Inventory – users can purchase items and equip their characters
  • Properties – build and upgrade propertiesto gain income
  • Rating – displays top game players
  • Gifts – users can send items to their friends
  • Monetization – convert your game to a profitable business with Facebook Credits
  • Promotion Tools – reward your users with free items and money to increase their loyalty
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Plans & Pricing

The script is provided with full source-code, installation service, and free email support.

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